DAy 17: Catch up Friday

October 24, 2009

Conservative candidates appear to be focused on delivering money to their ridings if their websites are to be believed.

Conservative Scott Armstrong has come out firing against the long gun registry.  Mark Austin could become part of Nova Scotia’s growing NDP.  Greem Jason Blanch is focused on climate change.

Bernard Généreux appeared before Parliamentary committee yesterday in his role as the president of the Quebec municipal federation.  Today, former somebody in the Liberal Party, Denis Coderre, campaigned for Marcel Catellier.  Bloc candidate Nancy Gagnon has laid out where she stands.

Hochelaga Conservative Stéphanie Cloutier had support from Miniser Jason Kenney today.

Fin Donnelly is calling for an inquiry into the collapse of salmon stocks on the Fraser.  Today, Rob Oliphant began a wave of Liberals showing that their party has not forgotten about Ken Beck Lee even if they have already written New Westminster-Coquitlam off.  Green Rebecca Helps, among other things, wants to change the tax system.  Ken Beck Lee of the Liberals fights to deliver better results.


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